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Club Rules
November 2023

Due to the popularity of the Club and the amount of members that we now have, we felt that we should create a few rules, principally with regard to Membership and Guests:


From November 2023 onwards, in order to become a member, you will need an existing member to nominate you. The Committee retains the right to veto new members without any explanation.

Currently (2023) the cost of the membership is £250.00pa. This is subject to change. If you join partly throughout the year the membership will be charged pro rota. If there are 4 or less events left in the year you will be additionally charged for the following year.

Once membership has been approved and subscriptions has been paid, you will receive a name badge and be added to our contact list to be informed of future meetings and of any other events.

You should bring your name badge to each session. If you lose your name badge, a replacement can be ordered with an additional discretionary donation to the Club.

We encourage our members to do business with each other, however we do ask for respect to be given to members who don’t wish to engage.

Should you do any business with members of the club, the ethos since 1987 has always been for a voluntary donation to be made to the club which will then be donated to charity. This is encouraged. It is not, however, obviously enforced.

If a member is believed to be dishonest or behaves in a manner not becoming of Club members, membership can be revoked without any notice or refund provided. The Club Committee’s decision is final.

Membership pertains only to named individuals. If a member cannot attend a session, it is not permitted to allow for a colleague to replace them.

The Bringing of a Guest

Historically we have encouraged members to bring guests, but due to limited space at the current venue, guests can only attend if the committee approves of them in advance. Please email, at least 48 hours before the meeting, to book your guests in. A payment of £30 per guest is required prior to the meeting. A guest may only attend one meeting before he or she is required to become a member.

Social Events

The Club holds and attends various socials events. On many occasions these have not had any additional costs. If there are such costs this will require payment upfront. All additional events are on a first come first served basis although we will look to favour those members who have not attended similar events in the past.

Photos and Social Media

Whilst we encourage photos and social media use - if the speakers request discretion and no photos or videos then this must be respected. 

The Property Professionals Breakfast Club November 2023

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