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Some of our Previous Speakers

An Informal Gathering of Property Professionals of All Descriptions
Welcome to The Property Professionals Breakfast Club

Next Meeting
8.00am at Fora, NW8
Tuesday 16th July 2024

Danny Daggers
CEO of DDRE Global
& Netflix's Mr Super Prime!


Forthcoming Meetings

Tuesday 16th July 2024

Thursday 12th September 2024

Tuesday 15th October 2024

Thursday 21st November 2024

Tuesday 10th December 2024

Thursday 16th January 2025

Tuesday 11th February 2025

Tuesday 18th March 2025

Thursday 17th April 2025

Tuesday 13th May 2025

Thursday 19th June 2025

Tuesday 15th July 2025

Thursday 11th September 2025

Tuesday 16th October 2025

Tuesday 18th November 2025
Thursday 11th December 2025

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Our Story

The Property Professionals Breakfast Club was set up in 1987 by Steven Parnes and Harvey Selby to establish a regular social venue for Property Professionals, Developers, Investors, Dealers, Agents, Solicitors, Surveyors, Accountants and Bankers etc to meet on a regular, but casual basis to encourage an exchange of views and experiences in the marketplace.

As well as bringing people together, the intention of the Club is to raise funds and to distribute to charitable causes. All of the Club’s “profits” are distributed to various charities. A list of charities and the amounts paid can be seen on our website. 


The club relies on making this “profit” from members who don’t turn up to the breakfast. This is similar to a gym membership model. 

                                                                                             Richard & Rob June 2024

Breakfast on the way to work seemed an ideal format and the early meetings were held at the Holiday Inn at Swiss Cottage and latterly at the Clive Hotel and Richoux NW8.


The Property Professionals Breakfast Club meets 11 times a year, normally on the second or third  Tuesday or Thursday of the month, at 8am at Fora Restaurant, 11 Circus Road, London, NW8 6NX.

The format has typically been half an hour of informal networking, a buffet style hot breakfast, followed by a guest speaker. However, this can change depending on various factors. 

We have a speaker at each meeting carefully chosen to highlight topics which encompass the interests of a cross-section of our members. Please see our previous speakers  here


We have a private WhatsApp Group where members can make announcements and give details of properties for sale or wanted, or services available to members by other members.

Now with the help of Richard Carlowe and Rob Soltanie, membership has grown to around 150. A hot and continental breakfast is served, free to all paid members, who may bring a guest, for which a charge is made.

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